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Weekly Group Meeting

The NQuB group meets weekly on Tuesdays from 2-3pm in Tech L361 (or on Zoom). Come join us!


Selected Recent Presentations:

4/26/19 - Josh Levy, Infomax strategies and extensions to sensory navigation


4/19/19 - Eric Johnson, Pedagogy in a 'Course on Quantitative Biology'


1/17/19 - Brita Schneiders, GCaMP Modeling


12/3/18 - Angelia Wang, Learning Olfactory Pattern Separation


12/3/18 - Rebecca Menssen, Pulsed Contractions in C. Elegans   

rebecca-pulsing       rebecca-presenting.jpg

11/12/18- Eric Johnson, Multi-Objective Optimization of Model of Drosophila Clock Neuron


10/22/18 - Josh Levy, Thermosensory processing in Drosophila Melanogaster


4/16/18 - Angelia Wang, Bridging the Gap between Deep Learning and Neuroscience


4/9/18 - Noah Ford, Biofilm growth and community formation

4/4/18 - Avinash Karamchandani, Topological data analysis: persistent homology

3/21/18 -Rebecca Menssen, Modeling pulsed contractions

3/7/18 - Brita Schneiders, GCaMP modeling and spatial navigation

2/28/18 - Lae Un Kim, Koopman analysis and dynamical systems


2/14/18 - Josh Levy, Sensory Navigation in Drosophilasensory navigation

2/7/18 - Angelia Wang, Electrical Stimulation Modulates High Gamma Activity and Human Memory Performance

1/31/18 - Daniel Poll, Persistent search in confined domains


1/24/18 - Noah Ford, Electrical communication in Bacillus subtilis



11/17/17 - Josh Levy, Frequency doubling in expression of circadian controlled genes

 fig-doubling.jpeg        doubling-expression-sorted.jpeg


10/20/17 - Angelia Wang, Concentration-invariant odor encoding




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